CBD and Drug Interactions

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George Patrick

I do not take any prescribed drugs. I take 2 Aleves a day and an over the counter Instaflex joint pill plus B12 and Temercurin for joints. I have tried another CBD oil and it worked out fine. I sleep better but not sure how much dossage. What is considered a dropper full. You can’t actually get a dropper full from these small bottles. How many drops per day?? George

Hemppedia Team

Dear George,

The right dosage can be indeed tricky. The good news is that you can’t really overdose on CBD. We always recommend the Step-Up method where you start with a low dose (one drop, 3 times a day) and increase slowly until you find a dose which works for you and you are comfortable with. Depending on the strength of the CBD Oil a dropper full might be too much, especially if you are just starting to use CBD.

Please see our dosage guide https://hemppedia.org/cbd-dosage/ to learn more about the Step-Up method and to calculate a more accurate dosage for your needs.

Best regards,

The Hemppedia Team

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