About us

Hemppedia is a Europe based non-profit online magazine. The vision behind this initiative is to create awareness and advocate about the various medical and therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant and its compounds.  

Different sections of society take benefit from referring to Hemppedia. They include Cannabis users, people seeking plant-based medicines for relief from medical conditions, students who study about CBD, researchers, journalists, professionals, and more.

Hemppedia magazine is very user-friendly. It has four different sections that cover FAQ’s, CBD 101, Conditions and diseases, and CBD stories. Handpicked and well-researched topics get discussed under each segment that provides quality and relevant information. 

The articles are authored by professionals from the Industry and take references from academic publications and scholarly articles to discuss the various potential therapeutical properties of Cannabis. 

With this growing body of information and knowledge, Hemppedia recommends readers to make informed decisions.