CBD for Essential Tremor

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Judi Cummings

Hello. My name is Judi. I’m wondering if anyone would happen know of any place that would accept me as a clinical trial patient for the use of CBD. I’ve had severe Essential Tremors since June 2002. I’m on disability and don’t know if I can afford CBD, and have even yet to try it in anyway. After asking my family doctor about myself maybe trying it, her response to me was “I wouldn’t recommend you trying it”. I’m at my wit’s end! I would very much appreciate any responses back to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless.


I have essential tremor that I do not consider to be severe, but does interrupt activities of daily living. I asked my physician if it would be a good idea to try CBD and she said, yes you can certainly try it. She mentioned that she was concerned about the ingredients in some of the CBD products. I’m still researching.

Hemppedia Team

Dear Pam,

Your physician is absolutely right! You should always do your research before you purchase anything. Some CBD oils contain more ingredients than others. This is mainly due to the different filtration processes. Some oils are filtered from waxes and other by-products and contain just cannabinoids and terpenes. It might be a good idea to also ask other CBD users for their experience and recommendations. A great place to do this is in CBD support groups on Facebook like this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/989690568041150/

We wish you all the best in your CBD journey and hope you find the right products for your needs
Best regards,

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I would like to mention that I bought CBD oil for my dog’s arthritis and tried it on myself – not specifically for my familial tremor, but just to see if I felt any difference since I wasn’t worried about toxicity or ill effects. I unintentionally discovered that it works like a bomb for my tremor. I am no longer taking beta-blockers (which decreased all of my senses – not just the tremor). A word of caution – slowly wean yourself off the beta-blockers or you’ll feel like you are having heart failure. You may want to (should probably) inform your doctor as well if you do have a heart condition and are being prescribed medication for your essential tremor.

Hemppedia Team

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for your inspiring comment! It is amazing to hear that CBD has helped you improve your quality of life. We would love to hear more about your experience if you want to share it with us!

Nonetheless, we would advise you to only consume CBD products, intended for human use, instead of for dogs. While the CBD content is the same, the standards for producing products for human use are a lot higher in comparison to the products intended for animal use, meaning that some of the ingredients in the CBD oil for dogs might not be quite suitable for human consumption.

Best regards,

The Hemppedia Team

Hemppedia Team

Hi Vreyro!

Thank you for your comment, we appreciate your feedback and we are happy to share helpful information. Be well!

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